Today's College Freshman Have Only Lived In A World With Emojis & More Facts

Beloit College's "Mindset List" is a reminder that we're getting older

August 23, 2017

© Nenitorx | Dreamstime

Kids heading to college this year have only known phones as smart phones, but they’ll never know Justin Timberlake as a member of a band.

Every year Beloit College releases their “Mindset List” for the incoming class of college freshman. It features facts about the students and what they may have never experienced in their lives. It’s usually pretty jarring for anyone who reads it because it’s another reminder that we’re all getting older each year.

A freshman heading off to college today was born in 1999, and they will graduate college in 2021.

So this also means they’re the last class to enter college in the millennial generation, according to the Mindset List. In fact, ready for this? They’re the last class of kids born in the 1900’s.

Here are 7 things that stood out to us about the world that that the incoming class of college freshman know:

  • Justin Timberlake has always been a solo act. 
  • They’ve always lived in a world that has emojis. 
  • Green ketchup has always been available.
  • eHarmony has always been a dating service, Amazon has always been available for buying everything on the face of the earth, and Zappos has always been a shoe retailer.
  • It’s doubtful that they’ve ever used (or even HEARD) a dial-up modem.
  • They’re the first class to enter college that grew up with nothing but smart phones. Remember when your phone couldn't give you directions, access to the internet, and a bazillion apps? Well, these freshman couldn't. 
  • Joe DiMaggio, John F. Kennedy Jr., Walter Payton, and Dusty Springfield were never alive in their lifetimes.

You can view the complete list here. However, let us warn you that viewing this list will likely make you feel a little old.