VOTE: Sibling Battle: Hanson vs. The Jonas Brothers

Let's have a little fun in honor of #NationalSiblingDay

April 10, 2018

USA Today

Have you been on Facebook yet today? Yeah, you've seen ALL of those posts from your friends about how much they love their siblings. That's cool and all, but what about your favorite sibling bands? More specifically, we want to know about your favorite group of brothers. 

So in honor of National Siblings Day, let's have a "sibling battle!" Yeah, we're asking you to vote for your favorite sibling trio. Is it the Jonas Brothers OR Hanson

Vote here to let us know which group of brothers gets your vote:

Of course, this poll is all in good fun. In fact, we TOTALLY love BOTH groups. So it doesn't REALLY matter who wins this battle. 

Need a little trip down memory lane to help you decide? It's OK. We love remembering the '90s and early '00s around here. 

Hanson quickly became a household name after "MMMBop" was released back in 1997.The guys are still making (and performing) new music together. In fact, they released a greatest hits album and a new Christmas album last year (2017). So, naturally, now we have to listen to "MMMBop" too: 

Meanwhile, the Jonas Brothers rose to fame in 2005 after a series of appearances on the Disney Channel. They sold more than 17 million albums worldwide during their career. Their biggest single was "Burnin' Up" back in 2008. While the guys have each gone on to pursue other opportunities since the group split in 2013, they're forever in our hearts as a trio: 

Happy National Sibling Day!