Was the End Date of 'The Big Bang Theory' Just Revealed?

August 2, 2017

Sthanlee B. Mirado, USA Today

The end of the hit CBS show The Big Bang Theory could be coming soon. 

Let's be clear: We haven't heard any official news about how (and when) the CBS hit sitcom will actually end. Earlier this year, CBS renewed the show for two more seasons (season 11 and season 12). 

The show's co-creator Chuck Lorre just suggested that the show could end after the 12th season at a TV critics press event. Lorre said that he's "amazed" the show has lasted this long. In fact, they never execpted to be up the show's 11th season, he said. So they definitely "don't know what would happen after season 12." Lorre went on to say that "one could easily presume" the show will end after season 12.

CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl told the media that the show will last as long as it can. He joked that he hopes it would be able to go on for 20 years. 

By the way, the show's syndication deal could be changing drastically, according The Hollywood Reporter. The cost for airing episdoes after season 8 will likely increase for networks like TBS to buy the syndication rights.