WATCH: 5 Biggest Myths About 'Despacito' Dispelled

June 23, 2017

Steve Mitchell, Ron Elkman, Dave Hogan - USA Today

"Depacito" has become a massive global hit this summer. In fact, the track from Luis Fonsi, which features Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber could be the song of the summer for 2017.

There have been misconceptions about the song, however, since its release. Those questions are things like there have been questions about Justin Bieber's role in the song. Is the song ONLY popular becuase Justin Bieber is on the track? The answer: no. The song was actually already rising up the pop charts before Bieber came on to perform his part. 

"Despacito" is currently the number one song in the country on Billboard's Hot 100.