WATCH: All of Your Celebrity Crushes Appear in Charli XCX's 'Boys' Music Video

Yes, Charli XCX... you get us.

July 27, 2017

USA Today

Charli XCX gets us. She can't stop thinking about boys, and the boys are HOT in her latest music video. 

Oh, you get us, Charli. It's summer, and these are the guys we cannot stop thinking about. 

Actually, we'll be keeping the video on repeat this summer. We had high hopes because the song has lyrics like: "I was busy thinkin' 'bout boys, boys, boys / Always busy dreamin' 'bout boys, boys, boys / Head is spinnin' thinkin' 'bout boys." The video HAD to live up to the song's message, right? 

Charli: you did not disappoint us! We were THRILLED when we saw how many hot boys appeared in her video. 

In fact, we tried to rank the boys who appear in the video, but we lost count of the guys! Plus, how could we possibly be expected to rank Charlie Puth, G Eazy, Joe Jonas, Brendon Urie, Riz Ahmed, and like 60 other attractive guys?

All of our man crushes are in ONE place. Can someone splash some cold water on our face after watching that? It's official: we're boy crazy! Thanks, Charli XCX. 

Charli XCX, by the way, has joked that "no boys were harmed in the making of this video." She will hit the road with Halsey on tour later this year.