WATCH: Bride Gets Stuck in Elevator During Her Wedding Reception

February 21, 2018

© Brett Holmes |

Imagine being STRANDED in an elevator as your wedding reception is happening about 4 feet away from you? Well, that happened for one Rhode Island bride this past weekend.

Melissa Rodger stepped into the elevator with two wedding planners. They were their way to the 18th floor of the Providence, RI venue for her cocktail hour.

Well, the elevator stopped about four feet shy of the 18th floor leaving the bride (and wedding planners) stranded.

“The elevator shuttered, and the doors never opened,” the newlywed told WLNE-TV. She said she thought it would only take a minute for the doors to open.

Cocktail hour rolled on without the bride as rescue crews arrived to the building. The firefighters say they were focused on making sure an escape wouldn't ruin the bride's dress.

“We were prepared to get her honeymoon clothes down to her,” one of the firefighters told WLNE.

Thankfully, an elevator technician arrived to the scene before Melissa had to use the escape hatch. 

The rest of the evening went off without a hitch, according to the report, and the couple had a great attitude about the whole ordeal. "It will make for a great memory," they told WLNE.