WATCH: Christina Aguilera Reportedly Reveals 'Liberation' Album Teaser

Are we just days away from hearing new music? Perhaps!

April 30, 2018

PA Images/Sipa USA

We have been anxiously awaiting new music from Christina Aguilera, and the wait could be over soon. In fact, we could be hearing new music from Christina as early as this Friday (May 4), according to some published reports. 

Could it finally be happening? 

Well, Christina was performing this weekend at the Formula One Grand Prix in Baku, Azerbaijan, when a teaser clip of some kind was shown to the crowd.

There weren't many specifics acknowledged in the clip, but it seems to suggest that the album may be titled Liberation. You can watch the teaser for yourself right here:

The fun continued on Sunday when Christina shared another mysterious clip on Twitter. There are twelve screens in the clip. Could that mean the album has 12 tracks? Perhaps!

There are some rumors swirling on the web that she'll release the first single off that album on Friday (May 4). Those rumors allege that single is titled "Accelerate." At this point, however, those are just rumors. 

Of course, a new album IS a big deal. After all, Christina's last full studio album, Lotus, dropped six years ago (in 2012). 

We'll be here waiting to see what happens this week!