WATCH: Couple Finally Meets After 3 Years of Hilarious Tinder Messages on Live TV

July 25, 2017


A pair of twenty-somethings matched on Tinder three years ago, and they seemingly hit it off via their messages. They both lived on the same campus, so it sounds like a typical 2017 love story, right?

Well, it's not.

The couple kept using outrageous (and funny) excuses to explain the 2-month delay in their responses to each other. Excuses like "I was taking a shower" after 2 months were used between the pair.

We told you about this couple last week, and now we can tell you they've just met face-to-face. You may recall that Tinder is flying the pair to Maui for a date after hearing about their story, but they actually met for the first time this morning. And, of course, it happened on live TV. 

Josh and Michelle met face-to-face on Good Morning America today. So what happens after a couple meets like that? Is it awkward? See for yourself:

Josh and Michelle, by the way, are currently on their way to Hawaii for their Tinder-sponsored date. Is this a true 2017 love story? We hope we'll find out!