WATCH: Ellen DeGeneres Shares Serious Holiday Warning... About Glitter

“Happy holidays, here’s a mess! You clean it up now.”

December 20, 2017


It’s all fun and games during the holiday season until someone gets hurt. Actually, it's more like "it's all fun and games until someone breaks out the glitter."

Ellen DeGeneres has started a war on glitter for several years, and we have to agree.

Of course, this warning is HEIGHTENED during the holiday season because glitter is EVERYWHERE this time of the year. It’s on everything from wrapping paper and ornaments to Christmas cards and ugly holiday sweaters.

It starts off as something that is seemingly innocent and fun, but that festive feeling of fun disappears when the glitter WILL NOT DISAPPEAR.

In fact, after Gwen Stefani stopped by Ellen’s show last week wearing a gorgeous glittery dress, Ellen revealed how serious the "Gwen Stefani glitter outbreak" really was:

The daytime TV diva goes onto explain how stressful it can be to encounter glitter in December.

For example, if you open a holiday card with glitter, Ellen says it’s like sending a personal mess to the recipient of that card.

“Happy holidays, here’s a mess! You clean it up now.”

Of course, with products like glitter bombs available this holiday season, that's quite a way to embrace this warning during the holiday season.