WATCH: Eminem Shares 'River' Music Video Featuring Ed Sheeran

February 14, 2018

Press Association & Ron Elkman, USA Today

It's here! Eminem released the music video for his single "River" today (February 14). The video also stars the song's featured collaborator, Ed Sheeran.

The video, which has a documentary film-like vibe to it, focuses on a traumatic relationship for Eminem's character. In fact, we see Eminem frequently talking to the camera in a "confessional" style moment. 

Sheeran, meanwhile, appears frequently on camera to croon throughout the track. Throughout the length of the video we see Eminem's character go through a very complicated love triangle during the video, which runs for nearly seven minutes in total.

"River" appears on Eminem's ninth studio album, Revival, which was released in December.