WATCH: Everything We Know About Tonight's Premiere of Scandal

October 5, 2017

Scott Kirkland, PictureGroup

Tonight is the night! The final season of the hit ABC drama, Scandal, premieres at 9pm on ABC. Here’s EVERYTHING we know that we can expect from this final season of the hit show.

Season 7 kicks off 100 days into Mellie’s first time as the president. The preview for this season is fascinating as it looks like Olivia’s personal relationships are struggling.  A lot of chaos looks to happen, and we already have chills just watching this clip:

What about what’s happening inside Scandal’s White House? Olivia will be the Chief of Staff to President Melanie (Mellie) Grant. So it’ll be interesting to see how the character handles all of the power, right?

Darby Stanchfield (who plays Abby on the show) tells TV Guide that the new Chief of Staff will have her hands full:

Meanwhile, in an interview with TVLine, Bellamy Young (who plays President Mellie Grant) says that the country on Scandal-land will spend time exploring how they feel about a single woman being in power.

TVLine also asked Young about the relationship between Melanie and her ex-husband. Will we see a lot of Fitz this season? Her comments suggested that he may be an “invaluable resource” to her administration.

By the way, the finale of the series is sort of "up in the air," according to cast members. Kerry Washington revealed on Good Morning America today (October 5) that the plot of the series’ finale may be different than anyone had previously expected.

According to Washington, the series creator Shonda Rhimes used to have a plan in place for the finale, but that seems to have changed. Hmmmm.

s seventh and final season kicks off at 9pm on ABC tonight.