WATCH: Gwen Stefani Dances to "Hollaback Girl" at Weekend Wedding

June 5, 2018

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Gwen Stefani hit the dance floor at a wedding this past weekend, and the pop icon showed off her dance moves to one of her most iconic tracks ever released.

Gwen took to social media to share several photos from the wedding, but the highlight came when she shared a video of “Hollaback Girl” playing during the reception. 

The original video was posted to Snapchat, but fans shared it on Twitter later:

“Pulled onto the dance floor,” she captioned the video. Oh, yeah, she also included a face-palm emoji and the word “bananas.”

Stefani was actually in the bridal party for Sunday’s wedding, which took place at the River Ranch Stockyards in Fort Worth, Texas. Of course, Blake Shelton was Gwen’s date for the event.

Gwen's still got it!