WATCH: The #Hashtag Turns 10 Today - #HappyBirthday!

August 23, 2017

© Sian Cox | Dreamstime

125 million are used every day, but just 10 years ago that number was zero. Yes, it is honestly pretty difficult to remember a time where we didn't have a #hashtag, right? 

It turns out that 10 years ago today (August 23) the hashtag was born. Doesn't that make you feel kind of old?

Chris Messina (he's an inventor) recalls there being a discussion amongst Twitter's first users about finding a way to make conversations flow better. With an onslaught of messages it was tough to follow a conversation. He has told some publications that there was a call for message boards.

Once the iPhone came out (earlier that year) it started to become clear, apparently. 

Messina tweeted an idea the the pound sign (remember when # meant pound sign, but not hashtag?) be used to organize a conversation:

As they say, the rest is history.

By, the way, why didn't Messina get a patent on the #hashtag? He said he never applied for because he knew a patent would limit its widespread adaption. Plus, he admits that he actually had no desire to make money off of his invention. 

Messina discussed the development in this piece with Medium.