WATCH: Jeopardy! Champion Austin Rogers Is Everyone's New Favorite

October 11, 2017


Sorry, Ken Jennings, we have a new favorite Jeopardy! contestant.

Have you been tuning into Jeopardy! each night to watch this returning champion? Austin Rogers, the reigning 11-day champion of the syndicated TV program who has won $394,700 so far, has quickly won over the hearts of millions of Americans for his charismatic personality.

Jeopardy! champions don’t usually become beloved in the way that a rock star is adored by their fans. Yet, this 30-something bartender from New York City, he has quickly become an American icon. In fact, CROWDS are gathering at his New York City bar to watch the episodes with him each night:

Twitter followers love him:

Alex Trebek asked the shaggy-haired champ how he got to be so smart, and he responded pretty simply: “Genetics, Luck, Karma.” OK, it's that simple, huh?

Even James Corden of The Late Late Show can’t get enough of this lovable guy:

Rogers will go for his 12th consecutive win on Jeopardy! tonight (October 11), and he will also be a guest on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon tonight.

We really hope he wins so we can keep watching him on TV each night. No matter what, though, we think this guy will have a career in performance or comedy, right?