WATCH: Jerry Seinfeld Uncomfortably Dodges Hug From Kesha

June 7, 2017

Ron Elkman, USA Today

It’s the viral video that the whole world is talking about today. In fact, it totally feels like a moment from the 90’s sitcom Seinfeld.

In the video, Jerry Seinfeld is being interviewed by a local TV station when Kesha walked over and asked the comedian for a hug. Seinfeld said no thanks, but Kesha kept begging for the hug. The "Tik Tok" singer eventually walked away.

The worst moment of the whole ordeal? We totally cringed when Jerry told the reporter that he didn’t know who that was who begged for the hug.  

Is anyone else wondering if this was staged? It kind of felt that way to us, but it's too random. It had to be real, right?