WATCH: Judge Judy Lets Dog Loose in the Courtroom to Make a Ruling

Seriously, a little white dog decided this case.

August 16, 2017

© Sbukley | Dreamstime

It's the story that is melting the hearts of dog owners all over the internet today. Yes, Judge Judy has let her popular television show "go to the dogs."

The daytime TV judge let a dog help her with a verdict in a recent case. The clip highlighting the sometimes ruthless judge's verdict has "gone viral" online this week. 

In that clip, we see a woman who claims that she legally purchased a dog. Meanwhile, her male opponent in the case alleged that he was the rightful owner of the dog. 

So Judge Judy demanded that the pooch be brought into the courtroom. After being put on the ground, the adorable white dog (very excitedly) RAN over to the male litigant. Well, that was enough for Judy to rule in his favor. 

Who could blame the TV judge for that ruling after seeing how happy the little guy was to see his family?