WATCH: 'Kevin Can Wait' Awkwardly Kills Off Erinn Hayes' "Wife Donna" Character

Hint: It was quick and painless

September 26, 2017

USA Today

How did the hit CBS show, Kevin Can Wait, kill off one of its stars? We finally found out last night. Let's just say it was awfully quick and painless. 

Back in June they fired Erinn Hayes, and hired Leah Remini as a series regular. Hayes played the role of Kevin (Kevin James)’s wife, Donna. Earlier this year, CBS president Kelly Kahl said the character’s death would be treated with “dignity and respect.”

There was only ONE reference to Donna during the ENTIRE 22-minute episode last night.

Here’s the full clip:

Yes, that piece of mail from the gym was the ONLY reference to Donna… for now. Of course, they COULD still call back to her passing in future episodes.

Kevin Can Wait was a seemingly successful freshman comedy for CBS last season (2016-17), so it came as a huge surprise when the network announced they would be making a casting change for the show’s second season, which premiered last night (September 25).

Meanwhile, fans shared their feelings on Twitter:

This guy, however, took the news in stride:

Kevin Can Wait airs Mondays at 9pm ET on CBS.