WATCH: Larry David is Up To His Old Tricks in New 'Curb' Trailer

September 13, 2017

USA Today

He's back, and he has NOT changed... at all. Yet, you're not surprised, right? 

Larry David still makes us cringe. He's still getting yelled at by everyone he encounters. And he's still fighting with the entire world:

It has been six years since Curb Your Enthusiasm last released new episodes. 

Curb is still taking on the big issues too. It looks like the 70-year-old comedian even takes on the issue of constipation in the clip that was just released. 

We know that this season will have a bunch of new guest stars. Lauren Graham is onboard for a role this season. Well, from the looks of the newly released trailer, we think that Bryan Cranston will play the role of Larry's therapist this season too.

Curb Your Enthusiasm's ninth season premieres on October 1 on HBO.