WATCH: 'Magic School Bus' Trailer Features New Song from Lin-Manuel Miranda

September 6, 2017


"To the bus!"

The theme song for Netflix's upcoming reboot of the educational cartoon, The Magic School Bus, was just released, and we're pretty excited to see the "bus do its stuff." 

Netflix's trailer for The Magic School Bus Rides Again features Grace & Frankie star Jane Fonda, who is reprising her role as Ms. Frizzle.  In the trailer: Ms. Frizzel, who is now known as Professor Frizzle, handed the keys to the her sister, Fiona. The role of Fiona is voiced by Saturday Night Live's Kate McKinnon.
The show's starpower did not end there. Lin-Manuel Miranda (of Broadway's Hamilton) recorded the show's theme song, which sounds quite hip as the show transitions to the 21st century. The original track, of course, was performed by Little Richard.

The Magic School Bus Rides Again will premiere on Netflix on September 29.