WATCH: Niall Horan & Jimmy Fallon Perform Hysterical Improv Songs Together

June 14, 2017

USA Today

Niall Horan brought a guitar to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and the pair basically are in a band now together. OK, maybe they're not a band YET, but after this, we want them to be in a band. 

The "Slow Hands" singer joined Fallon to improvise original songs made up of titles submitted by fans.

What were some of the song titles? "Witness the Fitness," "Quickly Clicky Pen, and "Stepping on Toes" were the three tracks the pair created during the segment. 

We want to hire these guys for our next big party. They'd be a GREAT wedding band. Their musical talents were able to put together everything from an Irish-jig to a track that sounded like it could be released by Metallica. 

The pair's final song, "Stepping on Toes," was totally our favorite. See below: