WATCH: Rachel Platten Talks About Her New Song, "Broken Glass"

Plus, why does Rachel only wear sneakers when performing now?

August 29, 2017


Singer / songwriter Rachel Platten has seen skyrocketing success ever since the 2015 release of the anthemic "Fight Song" and the inspiring track "Stand By You," but it's her latest single, "Broken Glass," that has the 36-year-old utterly terrified. 

"You're looking around you like, this is this baby that I created that I love. 'Do you like it? 'Do you like me?" Platten said about the song. She says as the date approached, it was always most important to her that "people heard the words in this song." Well, yes Rachel, we most definitely hear the words to this beautiful, powerful track.

By the way, in the video above we also find out why Rachel kept disappearing when they filmed the music video for "Broken Glass." Plus, Rachel reveals why she now almost exclusively wearing sneakers on stage.

We'll have more with the pop star later this week, so check back in with us for part 2 from our EXCLUSIVE interview with Rachel Platten.