WATCH: Ricky Martin Pleads for Help in Puerto Rico on Ellen's Show

September 28, 2017

Frank Micelotta, FX/PictureGroup

Ricky Martin appeared to be fighting back tears on Thursday (September 28) when he appeared on The Ellen Show urging viewers to support disaster relief efforts for the island.

In an emotional plea, Ricky looked to the audience to describe the horrors that are plaguing Puerto Rico. Ricky talked about how the island is not only still in the dark, but many of life’s basic necessities (like food, water and medicine ) are VERY limited on the island.

The 45-year-old pop star has started a massive fundraiser to help bring supplies and relief to the island immediately after it was devestated by Hurricane Maria. 

Ricky shared a list of the supplies that the money will be used to purchase.  Martin’s list included: bottled water, baby wipes, baby formula, blankets, pet food, and more. The “Livin’ La Vida Loca” singer also said he would be bringing medicine to the island too.

“We can’t just watch the images and be depressed or feel horrible about,” Ellen DeGeneres told the audience. “We have to help these people.” Ellen & Cheerios made an $80,000 to the hurricane relief efforts as well.

The Ricky Martin Foundation’s page for hurricane relief shows they have currently raised just under a million dollars. You can get more info here

Martin, like so many Americans on the mainland, also discussed how the storm has impacted his relatives on the island. He said father is not well, but not enough airplanes are leaving the island each day for him to even be able to evacuate the island.

The Hand In Hand organization is also accepting donations for hurricane relief after this year’s storms have affected Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and much of the Caribbean.