WATCH: Selena Gomez Eats Glass and Soap in Strange 'Fetish' Video

July 27, 2017

USA Today

Selena Gomez is just like the rest of us in her new music video. Well, at least she’s like us for the first 35-seconds of the video.  After that… it just gets a little strange.

Yet, somehow, we think that we really like this video? Yes, Gomez released the new video for her latest single “Fetish” late Wednesday.

The video opens on a seemingly quiet suburban street. In fact, Selena is just like you and me as she carries a bag of groceries down the street. Then it all changes.

There’s a smashed car in the street. And after that…

It gets more and more strange after Gomez enters the house. She eats soap, uses an eyelash tool on her tongue, and yes, eats glass.

The 24-year-old singer certainly pushes the boundaries in the new video. In fact, it seems to pick up where “Bad Liar” left off with that retro ‘70s vibe.

Did you like the video?