WATCH: 'Sesame Street' Just Released an Adorable 'Despacito' Parody

August 24, 2017

© Vincentho | Dreamstime

“Despacito” has been topping the music charts all summer, so naturally, everyone wants to cover the song… even the cast of Sesame Street.

What?! No, really, Sesame Street just released their own cover of “Despacito," and it is adorable:

Of course, in typical fashion for the childhood staple, their version is about... Rubber Ducky. So the Sesame Street parody is aptly titled “El Patito.”

Ernie leads the gang as they sing the incredibly catchy song. Need proof that this version is super catchy? Well, even a reluctant Bert caught himself singing along to the parody song by the end of the video: