WATCH: Shawn Mendes Gets "Spicy" in "Hot" New Video

April 4, 2018

USA Today

We just got to see a new side of one of our favorite stars in a whole new light. Yeah, Shawn Mendes just appeared in a YouTube series called “Hot Ones” from the First We Feast YouTube Channel, so get ready to watch the pop star try some very hot wings!

“I couldn’t sing after this,” Shawn remarked about the wings would affect his voice for at least a full day.

Not only does Shawn eat wings, he is about things ranging from Justin Bieber’s hockey skills to his craziest stories about fans during the video. Naturally, it’s fun to see Shawn recount those stories as his face turns more and more red from the wings.

EXCLUSIVE: We wanted to know about another "hot" part of Shawn’s life. So we recently caught up with the super star to ask him about his workout playlist. Yeah, his answer SHOCKED us: