WATCH: Taylor Swift's Incredibly Emotional Performance on The Tonight Show Will Make You Cry

November 14, 2017

© Alexandre Durão | Dreamstime

Taylor Swift appeared as a surprise guest during last night’s episode of the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and the story behind her incredible performance will move you (even if you don't necessarily consider yourself a Swiftie). 

Tonight Show producer Mike DiCenzo says Swift was asked to appear on the show “on a whim” as the show’s cast and crew wanted to do something special for Fallon. Swift did not hesitate when she agreed to the appearance, but it was something special in her song’s lyrics that really moved the crowd. We have the full story below:

Watch Taylor’s incredible performance of her song "New Year's Day" here:

Earlier in the broadcast, Fallon had actually shared a story about how his mother held his hand when he was a kid and would say “I love you.” Jimmy recalled that when his mom was in the hospital, he held her hand and said “I love you" one last time

DiCenzo says prior to that moment nobody on the set had heard actually heard that story. So it's extra incredible that in Taylor’s song “New Year’s Day" there is actually a lyric that says “Squeeze my hand 3 times in the back of the taxi.”

Of course, those lyrics also moved Jimmy:

Taylor, by the way, just announced her 2018 Reputation stadium tour