WATCH: Tom Cruise Injured During Filming of 'Mission Impossible: 6'

Yes, the 55-year-old actor performs his own stunts

August 14, 2017

Anthony Behar, USA Today

Tom Cruise was spotted limping away after filming an action scene on the set of Mission: Impossible 6

Cruise (who often does his own stunts for the Mission:Impossible series) appeared to be performing a scene that involved him jumping from one building to another. Cruise was attached to a safety harness. 

Footage posted online by TMZ over the weekend shows Cruise leaping from first building, but missing the arrival onto the other building. In fact, Tom can be seen crashing into the side of the second building.

The 55-year-old actor was able to pull himself back up onto the building pretty quickly. However, he appears to limp away. It looks like the actor was avoiding to put pressure on his right leg before he was assisted by members of the film’s crew. 

The extent of his injuries are not clear. Nobody has commented on the status of Cruise's recovery. 

In case you were wondering: yes, Tom Cruise does a lot of his own stunts. In late 2012, Tom told The Graham Norton Show that he has trained for 30 years to do stunts. The action plans for Mission: Impossible have been build around what he can physically do.