WATCH: Zayn Malik Fights for His Woman in Video for His New Single, "Let Me"

April 12, 2018

Mike Windle, Getty Images

Zayn Malik ready for his sophomore LP, and he just gave us the first taste of the upcoming release by dropping the album's first single, which is titled "Let Me." 

The former One Direction member dropped his solo debut album (Mind of Mine) back in March 2016. It's not clear when he'll be dropping the upcoming album, but we'll let you know when we hear more. 

In the video, we see Zayn wandering through clubs, searching for a deeper love, and it totally felt like we were watching Miami Vice. Yeah, he's sort of like an international man of mystery in the video:

Also, we can't help but notice that he's crooning over an actress in the video looks just like his ex girlfriend, Gigi Hadid. You totally see it too, right? 

Zayn seems to be looking for something more meaningful than a one night standing the video.

"Baby let me be your man / So I can love you / And if you let me be your man / Then I Will take care of you," the 25-year-old star croons for the chorus. 

"Let Me" is a sooth track that has a nice R&B vibe to it. It was produced by Zayn and MYKL (a British production team that worked on the Pillowtalk single).