Watermelon Dress: The Latest Instagram Trend You Just Need To See

June 29, 2017


It's trending, and we cannot wait for the weekend to try it ourselves. 

Have you seen it happening yet? It's trendy now to post images of yourself wearing a "watermelon dress." The catch is that the dress is literally just an ACTUAL watermelon slice. The person being photographed stands far enough back, and the watermelon is used to cover their body.

Perspective is a crazy thing, right?

В Instagram набирает силу летний #флешмоб #watermelondress.

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Now that you've seen it, you want to try it right? We've been searching Instagram for #watermelondress all day, and we have had a lot of fun. There are babies, adults, and people in crazy positions.


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Watermelon dress ------#croatia #hrvatska---- #razanj #holiday #summer #watermelon #fun #happytime #goodvibes #dress #newdress #adriaticsea #watermelondress #wifelove #mywife❤️ @sforska

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Go ahead and try it this weekend. We won't tell.

By the way, it doesn't JUST have to be for pictures of people:

We love WILD fashion #trends here on #safari! What do you think of our giraffic #watermelondress---- ?

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