Where Has 'I Wanna Be Bad' Singer Willa Ford Been After All These Years?

Five Things We Just Learned From Willa's First Interview In Years

July 26, 2017

USA Today

The song "I Wanna Be Bad" was everywhere during the summer of 2001, but it was basically the last we heard from Willa Ford. It's particularly surprising since Ford rose to fame during the same era as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Mandy Moore. Yes, 2001 was a special time for all of us. 

So what happened? Well, Ford has not given too many interviews, so we never totally knew about everything. Ford -- now 36 --  just spoke with Billboard about everything from leaving the music scene to what she's up to now, and the possibility that she could return to the music scene.

Here are five things we learned from her Billboard interview:

  1. September 11, 2001 Played A Role In Her Disappearance from Music - 
    Ford says that her second single was released on 9/11. She acknowledged that the "world stood still, as it should [on that day>." So the track never got too much traction. 
  2. Ford Left the Music Industry Becuase the Timing Was Right - 
    Her sophomore album never saw the light of day because her record label was sold, and she started to wonder about her future. Her sister just had a baby, and she decided it was time to get out of the music scene. 

  3. Her Sophomore Album is Basically Completed - 
    Ford says that a lot of the tracks for the album were already done. "Sexy Sex Obsessive" was one of the tracks that she mentioned. Plus, "Who I Am". She wrote the second track for a friend who was coming out, and Willa says it's about coming out to your parents (as LGBTQ). 

  4. Ford Is Now an Interior Designer - 
    Willa is working with high-end clients on projects. She says it's a great outlet for her creativity, but it sort of just happened by chance a few years ago. 
  5. She's Open To Returning to Music -
    The "I Wanna Be Bad" singer said she really misses touring. If she ever had the chance she tells Billboard that she would love to do a tour of the "gay club circuit" because it would be "so empowering and fun every night."