Yes, There IS a Drinking Game for Hallmark Christmas Movies & It's Amazing

November 17, 2017

© Mark Hryciw | Dreamstime

Admit it: you LOVE getting cozy this time of the year and watching a MARATHON of Hallmark Christmas movies. In fact, we have already caught ourselves watching a few of these movies on TV this year.

Life can't get much better than that feeling, right? Actually, it COULD be a little better with... alcohol!

Brittany Graves from Haslet, Texas TOTALLY gets us. She shared this hysterical (and dare we say: brilliant?) drinking game for those Hallmark Christmas movie binge watch sessions you'll have:

Graves' game suggseted you take a drink when someone disses a fake Christmas tree s or a somebody wears an ugly sweater. There's two drinks when somebody gets snowed in.

She really ups the ante when she has you finish your drink if it's snowing on Christmas. Oh, and you can do a shot when the movie features Candace Cameron Bure or Lacey Chabert.