Yodeling Walmart Boy To Perform at Coachella

Only in 2018 can these things happen, right?

April 13, 2018

Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Coachella

Talk about capitalizing on your fifteen minutes of fame. The kid who went viral after a video was posted of him yodeling in a Walmart has had multiple offers to perform at one of the biggest music events of the year.

Yes, 11-year-old Mason Ramsey will be performing at the Coachella Music Festival. In fact, it’s likely that he’ll take to the stage BOTH weekends.

Since the original video of Mason in a Walmart was shared on March 27, it has been retweeted more than 50,000 times. Plus, Mason has already appeared on the Ellen Show:

In fact, it sounds like several artists have reached out to Mason asking him to perform during the music festival. TMZ reports that he’ll perform with Whethan (a DJ and music producer) today (April 14) as Coachella opens. Whethan's set, by the way, will be available on the Coachella live stream around 2:45 pm PT. You can check that out by clicking here

Post Malone has also reached out to the boy about an on-stage collaboration, however, that will likely have to wait until NEXT weekend. 

Why would he wait until next weekend? Well, Mason is actually performing at the Grande Ole Opry tomorrow. That’s the same day as Post Malone’s Coachella set. Good for you, Mason! Jet-setting across the country for performances. 

Luckily, the festival runs for two weekends. So it's likely that Mason will return to Coachella to share the stage with Malone next Saturday (April 21), according to TMZ's sources.