You Can Now Order Food Delivery Directly on Your Facebook App

October 16, 2017

© Mangpor2004 | Dreamstime

Wasting time on Facebook again? Now you can order food while you're at it without having to leave the app (or website).

The social media giant announced on Friday (October 13) that they had partnered with other food delivery services (like and DoorDash) to allow users to order food right from their Facebook app.

Facebook revealed that they would also partner directly with chain restaurants like TGI Fridays, Five Guys, Papa Johns, Panera, and more to offer options to order food.

How does it work?

When you're in the "explore" menu, you will see an "order food" option. You will be able to choose from local restuarants that allow online ordering. Food ordered will be available for pickup or you can use a account to have the food delivered to you.