Your Christmas Lights Could Be Affecting Your Wi-Fi Connection

November 9, 2017


You may be gearing up to “haul out the holly,” and… “put up the brightest string of lights I've ever seen,” but you may want to read this first:

Those glistening bulbs of holiday spirit could ruin your ability to stream Love Actually or Kelly Clarkson's Christmas album this year.

Yes, your Christmas lights can actually affect your Wi-Fi connection. If you’re putting out lights this holiday season, pay attention to where your router is located. Your internet speeds could be slowed if those lights are too close to your router.

We found a scientific explanation of this, which we’ll explain below. But if you notice you’re not able to stream Christmas with Kranks as quickly as you’d like to this holiday season, you may want to look at where you’ve hung the lighted garland. Move it to a (main outlet) in the house that is as far away from lights as possible.

In fact, you may want to move your router around to other places throughout your house and test your connection.

Why does this happen? We won’t go into too much detail, but PBS’ NewsHour has a good explanation here.