Your Christmas Tree Is Going to Cost More This Year

There are new concerns over a Christmas tree shortage

November 22, 2017


We have two warnings about Christmas trees this year:

There will be fewer Christmas trees available than in years past, and those trees that are available may cost more at your local tree stand.

Tree growers planted fewer trees during the recession in 2007, according to industry insiders. Well, a 7- or 8-foot tree takes about 10 years to grow. Flash forward to 2017, and now there is a bit of a shortage. As a result, in some places there will be an increase in tree prices.

As one indsutry insider told ABC News, "we cannot manufcature real Christmas trees." 

The recent droughts and wildfires in Oregon and North Carolina could keep the tree shortage going until 2025, according to CBS News.

So experts reccommend you start shopping for that perfect tree early this year. As Christmas approaches, the most popular types (and sizes) of trees could be sold out in some areas.