Almost A Third Of American's Don't Realize They Can Get FREE TV

August 3, 2017

Back in my day when we weren't walking to school uphill in the snow both ways, we had to watch TV with one of these bad boys:


Despite being a millenial, I still own one of these just in case the cable goes out. However, quite a few Americans don't know these strange devices known as TV antennas can still give you access to FREE television! According to an article by the Wall Street Journal, basically a third of Americans don't realize that over-the-air broadcast channels are still available for free without the need for cable or satellite. All your modern TV needs is an antenna, ranging anywhere from $10 to $60 (most TVs built before 2007 also need a special converter box).

Enjoying free stuff is the American way, so why do so many people not know about this? Apparently back in the day when we were being warned about over-the-air channels switching from analog to digital broadcast, people just thought this meant free broadcast TV was shut down altogether...nope, it's still alive and well!

As a matter of fact, you can find a list of local channels you can pick up here.