Babies Breathe In Dirt And Bacteria When Crawling, But Science Says It’s Good For Them

January 16, 2018

Unless there’s visible stains on your carpet, it’s easy to forget just how dirty your floor can be. Researchers have found that when babies crawl, they “kick up” lots of dirt, skin and bacteria, and since their nose and mouths are closer to the ground babies breathe in a larger concentration of that debris.

But as terrifying as that sounds, science actually says it’s good for them.

According to a researcher at Purdue University, studies show that exposure to such microbes boosts their immune system and can protects them from asthma and allergies.

Now this isn’t a free pass to let your kid go around licking every surface in sight, but letting them get a little dirty isn’t the end of the world. Science just wants you to know that if you’re TOO obsessed with making sure your world is ultra clean that can actually weaken your immune system.