The Facial Features People Notice First About You

January 22, 2018

First impressions are everything, so naturally people are going to be sizing up everything about you when you first meet. But what exactly are people looking at when that face-to-face meeting happens?

Instead of looking at specific features like your nose or lips, the journal Current Direction in Psychological Science believe there’s four facial traits we analyze: babyfaceness, familiarity, fitness and emotional resemblance.

Humans have a natural soft spot for young ones, so large eyes, a short chin and a round face makes us wanna treat someone nicer.

You’re not alone in comparing strangers looks to the looks of people you know, and we like people who remind us of those we like.

A “health” face is perceived as being more likable and intelligent.

Emotional Resemblance
What facial expressions are you showing? Positive emotional expressions project good vibes.