More Than Half Of Millennials Are Going Through A Quarter-Life Crisis

March 14, 2018

Hi, my name is Kary and I’m a millennial.

I’m also one of the 60% of millennials who say they’re going through a quarter-life crisis. I’m not really sure what my deal is...there’s just this constant sense of distress that has me wanting to buy a sports car (I thought that wasn’t a real thing men went through, but oh God it is).

However, most millennials do have very specific reasons for their quarter-life crisis; the most commons ones are finances, employment and relationships.

53% of millennials spend more money than they make, ultimately dealing with some combination of borrowing money from their parents or racking up debt. Nearly a quarter of them either can’t find a job or hate their current one, and also 25% feel like they’re in a relationship rut. Now that I think about it, I’m also kinda worried I’m gonna die alone.

If you’re still stuck in quarter-life crisis mode, Independent has home tips on how to pull yourself out of it.