This One Trait Instantly Makes You More Attractive

March 15, 2018

There's more to a person than their looks; most of what attracts us to someone is their inner beauty and talent. So what is the trait that can make you the most attractive?

In a study that surveyed thousands of people across a dozen countries, they found that 93% of people prefer someone who can speak a different language over a hot body. Knowing how to speak multiple languages gives you an advantage in the love department for sure...75% find someone talking in a different language to be attractive.

The top reasons people the ability to speak other languages so attractive are they find other cultures interesting (42%), they find foreign languages mysterious (23%) and they view speaking in another language as a sign of intelligence (20%). If you're like me and you're literally about to sign up for 20 different Rosetta Stone courses, here's the languages people find the sexiest:

*French (53%)
*Italian (32%)
*Spanish (30%)


(H/T: Reader's Digest)