Opposites DON'T Attract; Why We Prefer Those Who Are Similar To Us

March 13, 2018

An overwhelming majority of people, myself included, have at one point believed in the idea that "opposites attract." Well scientists are once again out her disproving our silly beliefs; they've put together a pretty convincing case that we tend to prefer those who are similar to ourselves over those who have completely opposite traits.

So how did they come up with this?

Business Insider mentions several studies that show our tendency to rely on familiarity when it comes to relationships. For example, a study in Psychological Science suggests that we trust people who look more like us. We're also more likely to be drawn to people with similar attitudes, and even those who use similar words

I used to be pretty big into the idea of wanting someone who's the complete opposite of me; someone who's outgoing, adventurous and actually funny. Nowadays, I find myself really wanting to connect with someone who's similar to my reserved, but cheesy nature.