This Simple First Date Question Can Determine Your Relationship Future

January 27, 2020

That first date is crucial in showing the other person that being in a relationship with you is worth their time, and there’s also one small thing you can do to gauge if the other person is worth yours.

Marriage Counselor Robert Maurer says instead of trying to figure out everything you have in common, just ask them this simple question:

“So how come someone as wonderful as you is still single?”

He says the way someone responds to that is very telling. What do they say about their past relationships? If they place all the blame on their exes and take no responsibility, you need to run! Ultimately, you should be looking to be with someone who’s self aware and is willing to look at their own behavior within a relationship.

There are definitely situations where their ex is to blame for the relationship faltering, but if all you’re hearing is that it’s always the other person’s fault that’s a relationship red flag.