Study Says Women Are The Most Difficult Family Members To Live With

January 23, 2018

All it takes is one glimpse at the headline and women everywhere are ready to unleash their wrath. Researchers at the University of California are making the bold claim that women are the most difficult people in our lives. They surveyed 1,100 people and analyzed more than 12,000 relationships.

But while women are the most controlling and do the most nagging, it turns out it’s all for a VERY GOOD reason. The study also says that women are the most difficult because they’re the most emotionally invested in their relatives’ lives.

Sure they might always be on your case, but they do it because they love you and care deeply about their relationships. While women are considered the most difficult, other family members aren’t far behind; siblings, spouses and colleagues were also considered difficult, while next of kin in general were considered most annoying.