What You Should Stop Doing Online, According To A Hacker

June 18, 2020

The other day I watched an interesting video of an actual hacker breaking down some of the hacking scenes in the Ocean’s 8. While Anonymous and the Dark web are usually the first things that comes to mind when it comes to hacking, some companies actually hire hackers to help them to help them strengthen their online security.

Huffington Post asked “white hat” hacker Stephanie Carruthers about some of the dumb things people do online that put them at risk of being hacked…

1) Not changing your password regularly. Trust me, I know passwords are a pain in the butt to remember, and they’re even more annoying now that a lot of sites require you to add a symbol (!,@,#,$,%,&) to them. But changing your password is still important, especially if you’re one of those people who uses the same password for every single website.

2) Posting a photo of your house key. Remember that video I mentioned above? The hacker in that vid actually mentioned how technology is so sophisticated today that if someone gets an image of something like your house key, they can use a 3D printer to generate their own copy.

3) Your teen posting a photo of their new driver’s license. We’re in that day in age where we wanna show everyone everything, and people are still making the bad decision to post things that shares information that can be easily used by hackers to steal someone’s identity.

4) Posting pics with sensitive information in the background. It’s very easy to not really pay attention to what’s in the background of your pictures, but hackers live for details...anything that can help them reach their end goal at your detriment.