The UK Has Appointed A Minister For Loneliness To Combat ‘Loneliness Epidemic’

January 17, 2018

It’s pretty hard to admit when you’re lonely, right? Well loneliness is far more common than you think, and the UK has decided to do something about it.

Britain has appointed a Minister For Loneliness who will try to address the fact that 1 in 10 Brits feel alone. Loneliness isn’t just an issue across the pond; studies have shown that loneliness is actually deadlier than obesity and smoking, and loneliness is most common among the elderly.

The UK found that not only do most people over 75 live alone, the Campaign To End Loneliness reported that doctors see one to five patients per day who visit simply because they’re lonely.

The Campaign To End Loneliness are also the ones who created this video project of a guy who spent a week in isolation to address the impact of loneliness on the elderly.