Would These Throwback Hits Make It On Radio Today?

Flashback Feelgood Friday!

May 22, 2020

Every once in awhile I’ll be listening to a song as it’s airing and think “that has an 80s sound to it” or “that’s got some real 70s funk going on” and it has led me to wonder about some of the charting singles from back in the day and how they would do if they were released now.  Would they chart as high as they did, or even at all?

Let’s take a look!

Long before Camilla Cabello was sizzling up the charts there was another Latino singer that was spicing things up just as the grunge scene was starting to take over the charts in the early 90s. Lisette Melendez broke the top 40 on Billboard’s Hot 100 in 1991 with Together Forever, not too shabby.  I may or may not have also worn that jean cut offs/black stockings look!

While Katy Perry, Pink and Lady Gaga might be the Divas of pop music today, back in the mid-80s there was a pop darling attempting her own chart climb and climb she did. Regina’s Baby Love landed at #1 on the Billboard Dance chart. Soon this Madonna toss away single, crossed over onto the Pop charts and peaked at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1986. Where do you think she’d land today?

It’s not unusual for a bands frontman or shining star to step away from the group and go out on his own.  Rob Thomas, Sting, Justin Timberlake and George Michael come to mind and all with impressive solo careers. 

So what happened when Mick Jagger decided to take a break from the Rolling Stones and have a go on his own? Just Another Night the first single off Mick’s debut solo album She’s The Boss peaked at #12 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1985.  What’s more impressive though, is that this dance tempo single hit #1 on the Mainstream Rock chart.  Well, he IS Mick Jagger after all!

It wouldn’t be right to take this little trip to yesteryear without a look at the almighty boy band. Boy Bands reign supreme and while it’s the Jonas Brothers who are getting all the chart love these days, there once was a little known trio giving the New Kids On The Block and the New Edition breakaway trio Bel Biv DeVoe, a run for their chart money.  Linear and their Gold Certified single Sending All My Love hit #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the Spring of 1990.  Hey… they look like they haven’t been to the barber in months either, and that bandana could easily double as a face mask!