Katy Perry Tells All on the Ellen Show

By: Lauren Hoffman

May 17, 2017

Katy Perry made a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show recently and told the host everything. 

Ellen made sure to grill the “Bon Appétit" singer on her new haircut and especially the interesting fashion choice she made at the Met Gala this year. One particular question we were all probably thinking when we saw the photo, how did Perry go to the bathroom? Are you as taken back as Ellen? 

Whether you like Perry's newest single or not, she doesn't want fans to judge the album based on the parts that are already released. The pop star is now embracing her thirties and wants to lift people's spirits through her new tracks.

Ellen was taken back when Perry asked her if she had to get married... again? It seems we aren't the only ones to forget about Russell Brand. Watch!

Katy Perry will release her fifth studio album, Witness, on June 9th.