10 Gifts To Give Your Cat This Holiday Season

November 13, 2017

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My two cats are like my kids, so they always get a stocking with some treats and a gift.If you're crazy like me and looking for the perfect gift for your fur baby here are a few great suggestions.

Humans love pizza and now your cats can too with this organic cat nip treat.

If your cat is a little fluffy in the midsection this will help them get in some exercise.

How cute is this hanging cuddle pod? My cats would lose their minds over this!

Mountable Window Bed because most cats love getting sun and watching the birds outside!

Technically this is a gift for the cat in your life, but it's also nice for us owners too. Litter boxes are nasty and sometimes there's just no good place to keep them. Is it furniture or a litter box? It's both!

A lot of cats are simple and prefer a box or bag for hours of entertainment. Here are some cool DIY gift ideas.

Or you can opt for a gift that keeps giving with a cat themed subscription box from MeowBox!

If we owned the place we live, we'd totally have one of these.

My cats are obsessed with the Perfect Arch. I have found them for less than $10 at TJ Maxx.

And I have had my eye on this Shark Pod for my cats for awhile. We will have to see if Santa Paws brings it this year.

Or maybe you don't even need to get your cat or cats anything this Holiday season because they have enough fun playing with your Christmas tree. I actually have to anchor mine to the wall with fishing line because my large cat climbs the tree.

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