10 Things That Prove You're Officially An Adult

Do you agree with this list?

July 31, 2018

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When do you think you officially became an adult? Some people think adulthood begins at age 18 when you graduate from high school and can legally vote. Other people feel that you officially become an adult when you move out on your own from living with your parents. 

Do you know some colleges offer classes on Adulting? Yes, I am serious.

But according to a new study done by Mattress Firm, there are far more things that make you an adult than just merely your age and if you live with your parents. They polled 2000 millennials about what they think embodies being a mature adult and found that certain milestones and life activities are what they use to identify as an adult or not. 

There are 40 things that make you an adult according to the research, but we will just hit on the top 10!

1. Having a steady job

2. Being financially independent

3. Paying a bill on your own

4. Paying rent/mortgage on your own

5. Paying for your car on your own (gas, repairs, monthly payment, etc.)

6. Budgeting for monthly expenses

7. Filing taxes

8. Cooking your own meals

9. Moving out of the family home

10. Being on time for work

There are some pretty ridiculous ones on the list like showering or bathing regularly. Does this mean you're an adult because I think if you have bad hygiene, you're gross. There are people of all age groups and some you'd consider adults that don't have the best grooming habits. 

I feel like I became an adult when I bought a headboard for my bed. My boyfriend and I got into a discussion about this earlier this morning and he thinks purchasing a headboard for a bed is more of a girl thing than an adult thing. I guess I just felt like my life was complete by purchasing a headboard. It was a true sign of finally putting down roots instead of just buying cheap furniture, I bought nice stuff that I intend to keep for years to come. 

How many of the items on the list can you check off to prove that you're an adult?