Top 10 Reasons We Experience Holiday Burnout

Are you burned out yet?

November 26, 2019
Stressed woman shopping for gifts of christmas with red santa hat looking angry and distressed

The Holiday season is upon us and although we have yet to get to Thanksgiving, many people are already feeling that Holiday Burnout

Holiday Burnout isn't just a term someone came up with when people are over the Holidays. It is a real thing according to a new study. 

Slumber Cloud polled 2000 people and found that 35% of people edure festive burnout before Christmas even arrives. The likely cause for this holiday fatigue is all the stress that comes with this time of year. Traveling to see family, attending holiday parties, decorating, cooking, cleaning, etc can all take a toll on people. Plus, there's the pressure many people face to buy the best gifts for the people on their shopping lists. 

Why are so many people in a bad mood around the holidays? The average American will spend 38 hours getting ready for the holidays with about 13 hours alone spent for shopping.

What 10 things contribute to Holiday Burnout?

1. Shopping (65%)

2. Crowds (63%)

3. Long lines (58%)

4. Buying presents (51%)

5. Cooking (48%)

6. Knowing what gifts to buy people (46%)

7. Constantly hearing holiday music (45%)

8. The pressure of making Christmas day special (44%)

9. Constantly seeing holiday commercials on TV (36%)

10. Wrapping presents (34%)

I despise wrapping presents! I tend to be one of those people that goes to the Dollar Store and buys a bunch of Holiday bags to stuff the gifts I am giving in. 

At what point in the Holiday season do you feel like you're getting burned out?